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Mobile Apps user interface (UI) improvements

A bunch of improvements have been made to the XForms Mobile apps, including adding calculated fields to a form, AVG function on table columns, customized data display on the dashboard, and more.

CSTAT and XForms Partnership

Collateral Status, also known as CSTAT™, has partnered with XForms to provide modern mobile data solutions to its new and future clients.

A Safety Forms App Concept

A modern safety forms app concept incorporating subforms, form routing for review/approval, and features intended for faster field completion.

Draw on top of pictures

Our multi-image feature provides field users the ability to embed pictures to their forms, draw on top of them to point out things, and add captions.

Collapsible Form Sections

With XForms, you can skip entire sections of a form (and remove validation controls in that section) by just marking the section header as N/A.

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