Updated March 13, 2019

How much does this cost?

Since XForms is still a fairly new product (still in beta as of March 21019), pricing is currently handled on a case-by-case basis and is dependent on your particular use case, your number of users, and requirements.  Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Where can I download the iOS, Android, and Windows app?

These are currently distributed privately via the app stores.  By summer 2019 these will be available publicly in the respective app stores.

Does this run in offline mode?

As of March 2019 no.  However, the ability to run in offline mode is a high priority and should be available by April/May 2019.

Does the mobile app really work on web browsers?

Yes.  The native mobile apps and the web version of those apps are virtually indistinguishable.  One major difference will be the soon-to-be-available offline mode: the offline feature will not be available in the web version of the mobile apps.

Does the system include an already built generic dashboard for viewing collected data?

No.  Currently (as of March 2019) web reporting dashboards are custom built based on your requirements.  A basic/generic dashboard will be available sometime in the summer of 2019.

When will XForms be out of beta and have a full end-to-end feature set?

We are expecting XForms to be more fully completed in the summer of 2019.  

Can I really use XForms for commissioning large projects?

Yes.  One of the main use cases that XForms was designed for is the ability to automatically calculate partial % complete at the form level, and to be able to handle huge datasets.  

Do I need to build my own form templates?

Not if you don’t want to.  While the XForms Designer is easy to use and has a short learning curve, we can build the first versions of your forms for you, after which you can edit them as needed.

Can XForms read barcodes?

As of March 2019, no.  However, this can be added fairly quickly.  If this is something your particular use case requires, please contact us.

Is my data safe?

Yes.  XForms is hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, the most reliable and secure cloud on the planet. Data is encrypted at rest state in the elastic datastore and also while in transit via SSL.  Access to the database can only be made via the XForms APIs. More info is available here: https://xforms.co/platform/#architecture

Do the Excel-like table grids have calculated fields (basic math)?

Not yet, but this is coming soon, including ability to SUM numeric columns in the table footer.

Can I use XForms just for field data collection, and then push that data into my own enterprise software tool?

Yes!  This is a perfect use case for XForms.  You would do this by using XForms’ RESTful APIs.  Info and documentation about that can be found here: https://xforms.co/developers

Do you have an affiliate or partnership program?

Yes!  Contact us to discuss your particular interest.

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