Major Components

Mobile App

Built in Ionic, runs on anything including iOS, Android, and web

Web Dashboard

View submitted forms, KPIs, export data, manage users


Build form templates, add reference lists, configure your applications


Two-way RESTful APIs…connect to anything

Mobile App

From cheap Kindle Fire tablets to high end iPhone 13 and Samsung Galaxy phones, use XForms on any type of modern device in online or offline mode, even over a browser without an internet connection.




Web Dashboard

Configure and view high-level key performance indicators
Drill down and view your form data with customized table grid columns
Print your forms with custom PDF formats
View photos embedded within your forms with a simple image viewer
View a form’s history (audit trail)
Route a form through a signature approval workflow
Export your data to Excel with a single click
View the geolocation of where your forms were filled out
Manage users and their permissions

Form and App Designer

Design any type of field form, even complex forms with table grids, column calculations and summarized data in footers. Even signature fields can be inserted into a table.

Create and use global reference lists for listboxes used across multiple form templates

Set up signature approval workflows

Design PDF templates 

Integrations via RESTful APIs

Integrate with your other software tools

For example, use the XForms mobile app solely for field data capture, and programmatically extract collected form data—including photos and signatures—from XForms for direct insertion into your enterprise software

Unlimited Integration Possibilities


  • After form submittal, email the Project Manager a formatted PDF of the form
  • After form submittal, insert the form contents into Google Sheets
  • After form submittal, upload all images to OneDrive/Dropbox storage
  • After form submittal, post an alert in a Slack channel
  • etc etc 

Want to give it a closer look?

Book a 20-min exploratory discussion, where we listen to your unique needs and pain points, and—if appropriate—demonstrate XForms to you in a live setting.