XForms Cx Platform

For Commissioning Use Cases

(Coming Soon)

Design your own commissioning form templates & checklists easily

Simpler to use than your typical form designer, with drag & drop UI

Clone an entire form with a single click, clone a section of a form, clone a field inside a section, and even clone a row in a table

Build fully controllable Excel-like tables, something that no other software tool has available today

Automatic version control…no need to worry about any of that stuff…it’s handled automatically for you

Or have us build the initial forms for you (which you can edit/clone later)


Set up your own hierarchical structure


Establish your own hierarchy and way of organizing your equipment/device list

Assign form templates and % complete weights to each end-node of your hierarchy

As equipment is commissioned, % complete values automatically roll up from the end nodes up to the top of your hierarchy 


 Import your equipment list


Download a CSV template with one click

Import your equipment/device list to be commissioned with a click

Dynamic type-ahead search to find specific equipment/devices

Batch-assign device types and system IDs to your equipment


Import your system codes list and assign them scheduled completion dates


Download a CSV template with one click

Import your system codes list with a click

Dynamic type-ahead search to find specific system codes

Edit start and completion dates for each system (or assign during import)


Deploy to your commissioning field techs

Works in both online and offline mode on any device type and OS, including iOS, Android, Windows, and web

Three levels of user permissions to control data access

Captures metadata (geolocation, date/time stamp, user_id) when a form is opened

Field techs can save as draft or submit a completed form

% complete calculations are handled automatically, using % complete weights assigned to the device type end-node

View % complete values by system code and by your own hierarchy

Drill down to view % complete at different hierarchical levels, with ability to drill down to an individual piece of equipment/device

View scheduled vs actual timelines for completion by system code

More features to be posted soon…


XForms Cx Platform: Available Winter 2019


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