A Modern + Simple
Mobile Forms Framework

Built with an emphasis on busy field crews working in crappy weather

  • A simple “less-is-more” approach
  • View submitted forms on a simple web dashboard
  • Programmatically extract anything out of XForms for insertion anywhere else
  • Usable components for other specific verticals

Any form, on any device, anywhere

(even in crappy weather)


XForms Mobile

Generic mobile forms platform

XForms Cx

Construction commissioning software platform

Major Framework Components

Mobile App

Built in Ionic, runs on anything including iOS, Android, and web

Web Dashboard

View submitted forms, KPIs, export data, manage users


Build form templates, add reference lists, configure your applications


Two-way RESTful APIs…connect to anything



Elastic, highly scalable, low-latency, redundant cloud-based datastore accessible only via REST API calls.  All data encrypted in rest state.


RESTful APIs behind a secure enterprise-grade firewall.


Firewall layer between the RESTful APIs and both the web application and native mobile apps.


Web app: used for reporting dashboard, user management, reference list maintenance, and form design. 

Native mobile and progressive web apps: used for field data collection


Our experience with XForms has been outstanding! The initial deployment was quick even with the special requirements I had. The use of XForms has not only simplified data entry, it has improved the accuracy of our reports since we now have up-to-date records. Working with Jim and the XForms staff has been a pleasure

Emory K

Office Manager - Egg Distribution Company

I am extremely pleased with XForms and how it works in the field for collecting data.  It has been a very valuable tool during COVID which has forced me to work at home and not able to visit the project sites.  The coordinators can use detailed checklists in the field without me being present and can report the results from remote locations.  The checklist format provides a unified acceptance criterion for field inspectors which is used as a base line for future process improvements.

It has been a pleasure with you over the years and the service you provide has been excellent.  Looking forward to working with you on future projects.

Mike G

Construction QA - Large Electric Utility Provider

Before using XForms, we managed our vivarium data using Google Forms and Google Sheets.  While that home-grown solution was an improvement over paper, the XForms system we are using now is vastly superior. Partly because it’s easier to use, but also because it provides us exactly what we need and nothing more.

Christine A

Vivarium Consultant

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